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Air Fresheners | Homemade with Essential Oil | DIY

Air fresheners, the spendy little conveniences we buy to keep our homes smelling good. Have you ever looked for one in a scent that you really love, and can’t find it?  “They” determine what you should like, right? We have the answer here.


air fresheners

Make your own air fresheners! It is so easy, and much less expensive than the purchased ones. Plus, you can make them in any scent that you like. You can even make them in colors you want. Can’t beat a deal like this!

Look at the pretty colors in these. The stir sticks will be removed, but you  get the idea. I like using decorative bottles myself, but you can use any kind of jar that will take the heat of the gel when you pour it in.

These would also make great little gifts. Just find out what scent the recipient loves, and make up a few for her/him. Decorate the jar to make the presentation even prettier. Add Ribbon, paint the scent name on the jar with a paint pen, or make a nice tag with the information. Make it fun.

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