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Bee Pollen, 10 Reasons To Add It To Your Diet

Bee pollen is best known for helping relieve seasonal allergies but it’s much more than that. This super food gives you energy, builds your immune system, is great for your hair and much more!

bee pollen


Bee Pollen for Allergies:

Bee pollen is the best natural remedy I have found for allergies. It does takes a little time for this to build up in your system to get the full benefit. You want to start taking it a couple months before your allergy season kicks into high gear. Start with about a 1/16 of a tsp a day (a few granules), increasing the amount about every day or so. You want to be taking 1 rounded tsp full by the peek of allergy season. (for the kiddo’s, I cut this in half)

How to consume:

To get the full benefit, it is best to take with fruit. I usually add a spoonful to my fruit smoothies in the morning. You can add it to anything though and some people just eat it plain (not my favorite way). It is a great topper for salads too.  I’ve even added it to my spaghetti sauce but heating pollen with kill the natural enzymes, giving you less benefits.

Remember to gradually work up to that spoonful a day. On rare occasions, people have adverse reactions to bee products


For allergies, you want to find local bee pollen. Consuming local pollen will help build a tolerance towards the pollens you are allergic to in your area. For all other uses, I would still stay away from imports and look for USA Bee Pollen

I’m not a doctor and only letting you know how I use it personally. ;0)





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