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Chemical Free Bathroom Cleaner | Disinfectant | DIY

Chemical free bathroom cleaner that is safe around your entire family that you can make! Why spend extra money on harsh products when you can sanitize the natural way? This simple recipe will kill bacteria and make your sink and bath sparkle.

Chemical free bathroom cleaner


Fill a 8oz bottle halfway with White Distilled Vinegar.
Fill the rest of the way with Water, leaving an inch or two at the top.

Add: 15 drops Lemon Essential Oil and 15 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil.

Shake and spray onto counter tops, sink, shower, bath and toilet. 
Let sit about 1 minute to kill bacteria, then wipe down with a dry cloth or paper towel to bring out the shine.

It’s that simple! It works very well, and makes the bathroom smell great.

Make sure to label your bottle for easy identification later.

It is amazing how many simple things will clean your house as well or better than purchased products. When you make your own cleaning solutions, you don’t have the unwanted chemicals. It saves you money, too. A win-win deal.

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