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Growing a living teepee is such a fun idea. I wish we had done this when I was a kid. We would have made good use of it!

This one brings back memories from my childhood. My Dad was a logger in my younger years, so we lived in some interesting places sometimes pretty close to his sawmill.  My two brothers and I would find the most interesting and fun places to play. I was quite the ‘tom-boy’ and could climb trees as fast as my younger brothers. We would build forts, and find all kinds of ways to entertain ourselves in the great outdoors. 

When I saw this project, I thought- how wonderful this is to help children to learn how to help build something, then grow something on that structure, plus have fun playing in it as the plants grow up around them.  They might even love to eat the green beans they get to pick from the Teepee.  I know, that’s pushing it, right?

Take a look at this project, and if you have the room, make it for your children.  They will love it.

growing a living teepee
growing a living teepee
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