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Homemade Dog Food and Treats | Recipes

Homemade dog food and treats may save the day for your dog. We are dog lovers/owners, and are always looking for ways to feed them healthier food. Some of the dog foods out there on the market are just plain scary!  If you have a dog with allergies it is even worse.

So, I have been doing some research to see what we can make that would be healthy and nutritious for our dogs without the other ‘stuff’ that purchased foods have.  It is not that tough to cook for your dog.  You cook for your family, and that includes the dog. So, why not a healthy meat loaf, or stew, and treats? We can do this, and it likely won’t cost any more than the purchased stuff – probably even less, and for sure will be healthier!

Also included here are links to super books about training, correcting, and caring for your dog. Dogs are like children – they are happier and more comfortable if they have strong guidance and know what their boundaries, limitations, and behavior should be.

Now, if you can’t cook for your dog, or prefer not to, that is fine. There are links below to some great holistic healthy dog food that you can purchase, and they have none of that ‘stuff’ that we don’t want to feed to them.

These are some suggestions that I have found that will give you a place to start cooking for your dog. 

Homemade Dog Food and Treats
Here are some good cooking ideas for your dog’s homemade foods.
Homemade Dog Food and Treats
I have put my two Chihuahuas on the grain free gluten free food. They are doing great on it, and they don’t have to eat so much of it. It is not full of fillers and things they just don’t need!

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