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How To Keep Hummingbird Nectar From Freezing

Don’t take down those hummingbird feeders in the winter. Some hummingbirds don’t migrate or get stopped by storms during migration. These little guys struggle the most.  Although they will feed more on insects in the winter, even they can be hard to forage for.  Here are a few simple tips for keeping that feeder from freezing.

hummingbird nectar

I place my feeder under an outdoor heat lamp and turn the lamp on when it gets below freezing. I try to find a place where the feeder is the least exposed to the elements.

You can also try these methods:

  • Wrap your feeder with a Short Heating Cable.
  • Turn a clay pot upside-down with a light bulb inside and set the feeder on top of the pot.
  • Attach a small birdbath heater to the bottom of the feeder.

It is also important to keep your bird bath unfrozen. You can do this with a variety of warmers. I use an Ice Eliminator 50-Watt De-Icer

Here is a great guide if you want to learn more about hummingbirds:

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