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Make A Dog Sling Or Tote Carrier For Your Small Pet.

Make a dog sling or tote carrier for your small pet? Well, dog sling carriers are not something that I had thought of. I did know about dog totes, though. But, now that I have the idea, I will make a dog sling for my smallest Chihuahua. Peanut weighs a hefty 5 pounds, but he rules with an iron paw! This will be perfect for him as he easily gets cold, and his hoodie sweater doesn’t always keep him warm enough.

Make A Dog Sling Or Tote Carrier

Transform a canvas tote into a “doggie bag.” A U-shape cutout lets your small pooch enjoy the scenery. To make it, use sharp fabric shears to cut a dip into the side of the tote. The depth and width of the U shape will depend on the size of your dog’s head, but be sure to leave at least half an inch between the opening and the bag’s handles. Cut cotton webbing long enough to cover the U shape. Fold webbing over the raw edge, and use a sturdy needle to hand-stitch it to the opening.

via Canvas Tote Doggie Bag – Martha Stewart Pets.


This is a very basic easy sling pattern to make. There is a good tutorial with it, too. There are so many cute dog patterned fabrics out there that you can really tailor this to your pet.


Pet Supplies:



Now, if you don’t want to make your own dog sling carrier, there are many out there to choose from. These sure make carrying a pet around much easier. I often put Peanut in my coat pocket. This will be warmer for him, and likely more comfortable.

These would make a fun gift for someone in your life who has a small dog, too.



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