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Make a Quick Marker/Pencil/Pen Caddy

Here is a quick and easy caddy to make to organize those markers, pens, and pencils. You likely have everything you need already to get this project done. This is one I’m so going to do!

You can also use paper towel cardboard rolls to organize taller items like long scissors, ruler, knitting needles. Think about all of those loose items in drawers that can be organized like this.These long rolls can be cut to any size you need, so let your imagination take you there.

You can even get your kids involved in this project. They can keep their stuff organized in their rooms too.

quick caddy

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2 comments to Make a Quick Marker/Pencil/Pen Caddy

  • Unknown

    THIS IS PERFECT!!! My kids always say they need new markers because they clean their rooms by throwing everything in the garage. Well, I am making them clean the garage today! They found about 1000, crayons, colored pencils and markers!!!! NO JOKE!!! 1000! :)

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