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Moss Shower and Door Mats

A follower sent us this website for a moss shower mat and asked us if we could make a DIY out of it. We sure can and think it will be a fun project. here’s what we plan to do…

moss shower mat


We picked this cast iron style rubber mat to use for our design but there are many open patterns to choose from.

mat rubber cast iron

Scroll Wave Cast Iron Vulcanized Rubber Outdoor Mat 18×30 by Iron Gate – Heavy duty rubber with the look of iron


For the backing or bottom we’re using some basic rubber roll. We’ll have cut it to fit the size of the door mat. You shouldn’t have to glue them together but a little epoxy would work fine to secure the rubber to the bottom of the mat.

rubber roll

Recycled Rubber – Rubber Sheets and Rolls – 5mm Thick x 48″ Width x 24″ Length – Black

( Update: I have been told that foam sheets called Plastazote actually work better than the rubber sheets. )

After you have this assembled add your moss to the spaces. We plan to use various colors and types to give this a textured look. Plus being our first one we are curious to which types of moss do the best.

Live moss

Live Moss Assortment for Terrariums – Frog, Haircap, Cushions, Rocks, Lichen

Moss will grow on anything so there shouldn’t be any need to add dirt as long as you keep it damp during hot and dry days.

Moss spreads so don’t worry about packing it into spaces to tight. Let it naturally form into those spaces. 

You’re not limited to moss here either. Any kind of walk on me plants will work for this project. Just knock a little bit of the dirt off and set them were you want them.

If you decide to make this we would love to see the photo’s and share them with our viewers.


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