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Patio Apple Tree

My Patio Apple Tree is in full bloom. This is its 4th year and shouldn’t get much taller. The apples grow right off the stalk and are a large crisp sweet apple.

Who says you can’t have a tree when you live in a small space? There are many varieties that are perfect. I purchased mine on Amazon. You could check you local farmers market or nursery as well.

patio Apple Tree

Photo taken on April 16th

The bare space about a 1/4 of the way up used to be the top of the tree. The goats got a hold of it and chewed the bark off. Nothing has grow there since, but the space seems to be getting smaller.

patio apple tree with small applesPhoto taken on May 20th

Here is a closeup of the baby apples we now have on the tree. They are about the size of large cherries now. We had several per clump but the larger ones have push the smaller apples off. We still have 4 or 5 per clump which is amazing. We were lucky to get one per clump the first couple years.

Other patio/dwarf trees

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