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Wine And Beer Bottles Become Hanging Planters | DIY

Wine and beer bottles can be turned into hanging planters – easily. These are fun and look neat. This isn’t as tough a project as you might think.

I have seen several versions of this project for hanging wine bottle planters, and they are all great. This one seems to be the best tutorial. They would be fun hanging on a porch, deck, or in trees. So many kinds of plants will work in them, too.

Actually, any kind of decorative bottles would work for this project. You can put trailing herbs or flowers in them. I’m going to do mine with some trailing Lobelia, maybe some Impatiens if I hang one in the shade.  Let your imagination be your guide. Just think about where you are going to hang them, and choose your plants accordingly for needed sunlight and shade requirements. 


wine and beer


Once you learn the basics of what your chosen plants need to thrive, you can get creative on your combinations to put in planters.


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