Refreshing the Home

The long-term partnerships and relationships we’ve formed in the industry with key players such as designers, architects, purchasing, supplies, engineers, etc. have complemented our team and geared the company forward toward success.

Bathroom Counter Top Resurfacing DIY


Bathroom countertop ‘resurfacing’ might sound like a daunting job. But, it isn’t that bad. I helped my hubby do our bathroom countertop. I think he did a great job! Here’s a great project for the guys. This takes a bit of skill, but you don’t have to be a master carpenter to do it. This bathroom countertop was ‘Roman Marble’ Formica, and over 30 years old.

Tips for Flooring and Interior Design Remodeling

Interior design is by no means an easy ordeal and in all the chaos of dealing with the furniture, ceilings, lights, walls, pictures, and colors, it can sometimes be difficult to grasp exactly what you are looking for in a floor. Simply, a floor is one of the most important parts of any room—it provides a standing point, but if it does not match the walls, the table, or the lights, or does not provide the right function, your room could be in trouble.

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