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The long-term partnerships and relationships we’ve formed in the industry with key players such as designers, architects, purchasing, supplies, engineers, etc. have complemented our team and geared the company forward toward success.

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About Us

Refreshing the Home is a construction company that offers commercial and residential construction and renovations. We’re committed to working on projects from the start to their completion.

Our experienced and dynamic team is always on standby ready to work on home and business renovation projects.

Ranging from design to landscaping to building, we can provide all your construction and renovation needs.

Why Choose Us

Commercial renovation and remodeling

Commercial renovation and remodeling can easily have a big impact on the profits and reputation of your business.

With commercial business upgrades, you can enhance the appearance of your property and the experience of visiting or working at your business premises.

Whether you operate a commercial enterprise such as a store or a restaurant, or an office building, your business can benefit from commercial upgrades.

At Refreshing the Home, we assist our customers to plan and deploy their preferred business remodeling projects.

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The Benefits of Having a Gun Cabinet or Gun Room in Your House

When it comes to safety and security, having a gun cabinet or gun room in your home is one of the best investments you can make. Not only do these rooms provide a safe and secure place for your firearms, but they also offer many other benefits. Here are just a few of...

How To Create A Refreshing Home

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House Remodeling: Why Hiring an Expert is Better Than DIY Completing DIY renovation projects can be a great way to save money. But sometimes, it's just better to call an expert. These are professionals that organize and execute home remodeling projects. There are...

5 Tips to Stylishly Store Your Gun for Improved Interior Décor

Tips to Stylishly Store Your Gun for Improved Interior DécorGuns are dangerous weapons that require proper storage. Unlike other weapons that you can easily access, you need a license to own a gun. And… After going through the entire procedure of owning a gun, the...

6 Tools You Need for a Bathroom Remodeling Project

6 Tools You Need for a Bathroom Remodeling ProjectYour bathroom is one of the most essential rooms in your house. Therefore, make sure that it’s always at its best. Remodeling your bathroom gives it a fresh look and feel. Whether you want to remodel a bathroom in a...

Bathroom Counter Top Resurfacing DIY

Bathroom Counter Top Resurfacing DIYBathroom countertop ‘resurfacing’ might sound like a daunting job. But, it isn’t that bad. I helped my hubby do our bathroom countertop. I think he did a great job! Here’s a great project for the guys. This takes a bit of skill, but...

Tips for Flooring and Interior Design Remodeling

Tips for Flooring and Interior Design RemodelingInterior design is by no means an easy ordeal and in all the chaos of dealing with the furniture, ceilings, lights, walls, pictures and colors, it can sometimes be difficult to grasp exactly what you are looking for in a...

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