6 Tools You Need for a Bathroom Remodeling Project

Your bathroom is one of the most essential rooms in your house. Therefore, make sure that it’s always at its best.

Remodeling your bathroom gives it a fresh look and feel. Whether you want to remodel a bathroom in a house you just bought to suit your taste, or simply want to upgrade your old house, you’re bound to achieve your desires.

If you want to sell your home and embarking on a remodeling project to increase the value of your property, you won’t go wrong with a good remodeling plan.

The seriousness of a remodeling project means that you need the right tools, especially if you intend to do the renovating the DIY-way. Remodeling tools vary because lots of work goes into such a project. They fall under the following classes:

  • Preparation tools.
  • Painting tools.
  • Refinishing tools.
  • Flooring tools.

Here’re a few tools you’ll need for your bathroom remodeling project:


6 DIY Bathroom Remodeling Tools You Need for Your Renovation Project

  • Sledgehammer

During a remodeling project, you’re likely to carry out extensive demolitions. Therefore, you’ll need a sledgehammer. You can use this tool to bring down some parts of your bathroom walls.

The tool is used to demolish unwanted heavy parts of your space. It minimizes the time you’d spend removing unwanted parts of your bathroom wall because it takes things out in big chunks.

Its weight is proper for the job, ensuring your hands don’t tire fast.

Choose a sledgehammer that fits your energy level. This ensures you can lift it easily without causing any accident. But, if you lift one and feel strained, it isn’t right for you. You’ll have to pick another sledgehammer that weighs less.

  • Tape Measure

No construction projects take place without taking measurements. To know the precise requirement of materials, you need to take measurements. Take measurements for structures and bathroom amenities to fit well in strategic positions.

Choose a quality tape measure with clear markings. An advanced tape measure is convenient.

Use a tape measure with a stopping button to prevent the tape from recoiling when using it. This gives you ample time to continue taking the right measurements.

  • Pliers

Pliers are versatile with uses ranging from opening tight bolts to holding thin parts to prevent them from moving. They also are used to drive in nails, among other uses.

The versatile nature of pliers makes it ideal for bathroom remodeling projects.

The tools are available in varying shapes and sizes to choose from based on your specific needs and intended application. Generally, they can be used to grip rods, twist wires, and even for cutting wires. Some common types of pliers include:

  • Needle nose pliers
  • Linesman pliers
  • Tongue and groove pliers
  • Slip joint pliers
  • Water pump pliers.


  • Welding tools

If there’re metal parts that you need to join during remodeling, you’re going to need a welder and safety or protective gear such as a helmet.

A multi-purpose welder is preferable because it’s versatile and can perform multiple tasks for convenience. This also saves on storage space in your toolbox or the bathroom you’re giving a refreshing look.

The welder can do both the work of a plasma cutter and stick welder or tungsten inert gas welder.

  • Cordless drill

Cordless drills are used to support various tasks in the bathroom. They’re essential for renovation or remodeling projects and vary.

Whereas some use lithium-ion batteries, others use nickel-cadmium batteries. The latter is heavier and more toxic. Lithium-ion cordless drills are easy to use and built for long-lasting use.

A cordless drill is used for drilling holes in the bathroom. You can drill holes for fitting bathroom fixtures and amenities, including cabinets. The best cordless drill has a swift trigger control for easy use.

The reverse switch is often situated close to the thumb for easy switching. A drill can also feature a torque selector. An LED light makes it easy to use the tool in areas with poor lighting conditions.

  • Climbing ladder

While remodeling your bathroom, you may want to reach for higher points. What if you’re not tall enough?


You’ll need something to climb on like a ladder.

A ladder is portable yet sturdy and easy to move from one place to another. Choose between step and extensible ladders.

Some ladders have parts onto which you can place or hung your tools as you work on the upper surfaces of your bathroom.


Quality work is essential in remodeling projects. You need the right tools as an important factor in giving your bathroom the right spruce it deserves. Use the right tools to make your work more comfortable and convenient during your remodeling project.