Refreshing the Home is a construction company that offers commercial and residential construction and renovations. We’re committed to working on projects from the start to their completion.

Our experienced and dynamic team is always on standby ready to work on home and business renovation projects.

Ranging from design to landscaping to building, we can provide all your construction and renovation needs.

At Refreshing the Home, we have invested in an experienced team of engineers, designers, architects, planners and interior designers to offer residential and commercial renovation services under one roof.

We provide take full responsibility for your design and construction needs to offer complete design-build construction services. With advanced quality, project cost control, and scheduling, we offer our clients the convenience of one contact point for their projects.

Our team also works with a customer’s existing or preferred architect or designer, adapting the different needs of each party involved in a construction project.

Our construction company has worked over the years to develop a good reputation in the industry for:

  • Great customer service
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Reliable and responsible work ethics
  • Top-quality workmanship

Our construction team has extensive experience in delivering large turnkey commercial projects, including smaller renovation or remodeling projects of offices and other commercial spaces.

Refreshing the Home was established over a decade ago to satisfy these demands in the residential and commercial sectors.

With a focus on commercial interior renovations, we deliver our projects to industry standards and in compliance with all safety requirements.

Our company generated over $1 million in construction and renovation projects during our first year of operation. Since then, we’ve realized significant growth. We attribute our success to our highly trained and experienced team, including low overhead costs of operation.

We understand the essence of networking for business success in the construction industry. As such, we’ve formed invaluable alliances and partnerships with industry leaders.

Our company has also been able to network with various industry professionals with similar integrity, commitment, and responsibility as our brand and the entire team.