Bathroom Counter Top Resurfacing DIY

Bathroom countertop ‘resurfacing’ might sound like a daunting job. But, it isn’t that bad. I helped my hubby do our bathroom countertop. I think he did a great job! Here’s a great project for the guys. This takes a bit of skill, but you don’t have to be a master carpenter to do it. This bathroom countertop was ‘Roman Marble’ Formica, and over 30 years old. I had grown tired of it, even though it was still in great shape. We were re-doing the bathroom anyway and wanted to go with a copper sink. We were at a bargain store one day and found this flooring laminate in this beautiful Brazilian Cherry.  It was way cheaper than what it is in the home improvement stores.  So, we decided to use it for the counter.  This flooring has a 25-year warranty on it, too Easy care – just wipe it down with a damp cloth and dry it. We removed the old sink and back-splash and got our measurements. Got all of the cuts started and started installing it using a brad nailer. As you can see, it went down pretty easily. It wasn’t even that bad cutting the hole for the new sink, even though the new one was a bit more oval than the old round sink. Added the sink and the new faucet, and it looked great. Last, we cut down several of the boards to use as a new back-splash and counter edges.  I painted the cut edges to match in with the wood grain, and it looks pretty fabulous. We also caulked around the sides where the back-splash and countertop meet, as well as under the sink edge. So, for very little money, we got a new countertop – done the wonderful DIY way. If you don’t have a brad nailer, you can always use an adhesive that is made for this flooring. We think this project came out looking good when the painting got finished.