House Remodeling: Why Hiring an Expert is Better Than DIY

Completing DIY renovation projects can be a great way to save money. But sometimes, it’s just better to call an expert. These are professionals that organize and execute home remodeling projects. There are numerous benefits of having a professional working on the project.

Here are five reasons why using the services of a contractor is better than doing it yourself.

Contractors Have More Experience

Renovating a house or an apartment can be very complicated. That is why it requires experienced and qualified experts who can ensure the highest quality. A professional contractor’s quality of artistry is excellent.

Many contractors have a long list of happy customers who will attest to that. Additionally, the contractor may have decades of experience in complete renovations, remodeling, and home improvement.

Saves Time

Renovating a house is usually a time-consuming and complicated project. Hiring an expert for your renovation saves a lot of time and stress.

By hiring a licensed professional for the project, you may be able to go through inspections faster. Additionally, a licensed contractor will endeavor to provide quality services on time.

Contractors Have the Right Tools

Renovation takes the best tools to get the job done correctly. Home renovations are that much harder without having the right tools at hand. However, essential renovation tools can cost a lot of money.

Options like renting tools or borrowing from friends and family can be expensive or not convenient. Professional contractors have hand tools and power equipment that can be extremely helpful.


Home-improvement projects often call for risky practices. An injury-causing accident at home can lead to time off work. Therefore, a home renovation is not worth risking your health or wellbeing over.

Since there are be several safety risks associated with renovation projects, the best solution is to hire professional contractors. These professionals can manage the risks and hazards related to restoration and renovation projects.

Work Warranty

Construction warranties protect your renovation work – whether you have a contract or not. They are designed to provide cover for you against incomplete or substandard work.

The warranty can last as long as ten years on major structural elements. Additionally, it’s not something you pay for as the homeowner. However, the warranty covers a precise list of features in the house.

Contractors Are Faster

Another advantage that comes with hiring renovation contractors is that it saves on time. If you have an increased workload for a renovation project, you should hire a skilled professional to reduce the instances of constant repairs.

Often, these are repairs which cut into the time you need to do other things. Additionally, you do not have to waste time choosing your own equipment.

Contractors Have Renovation Insurance

If you complete a remodeling project, you may need homeowner’s insurance. Alternatively, you can hire a contractor who is armed with liability insurance and workers’ compensation coverage. Their coverage protects them while they’re on your property.

Additionally, their general liability insurance can help cover repair costs. The insurance also covers mobile machinery and equipment in any location or while in transit. You can also use their insurance to protect yourself against things like lawsuits and other liabilities.


Even if your next home improvement project seems minor, you should determine whether a permit is required for such work. That’s because the records have legal descriptions showing the types and number of rooms a house contains.

These permits are issued by your local building department and are a way for the city to regulate construction. This includes additions to existing structures and other updates. For instance, a plumbing permit is required when a plumbing system is constructed. However, there are home improvement projects that don’t require a permit, such as picking the right water softener between GE & Whirlpool.

Building codes and home improvement permit requirements vary with every city and town. Getting a permit for a home improvement project is a time-consuming and expensive undertaking. That’s because permits are typically based on the price of the project. The national average cost of a building permit is roughly $1,314.

You can avoid these problems by hiring a contractor who already has the permit. A professional will have the expertise to determine if your home improvement project requires a permit.


It’s always best to choose a contractor when it comes to renovating your home. Hire a contractor and focus on what you like instead. Additionally, you can be sure that the work adds value to your home.