Why Choose Us

Commercial renovation and remodeling can easily have a big impact on the profits and reputation of your business.

With commercial business upgrades, you can enhance the appearance of your property and the experience of visiting or working at your business premises.

Whether you operate a commercial enterprise such as a store or a restaurant, or an office building, your business can benefit from commercial upgrades.

At Refreshing the Home, we assist our customers to plan and deploy their preferred business remodeling projects.

The pillars of our business success include quality workmanship, the customer, partnerships, and our unparalleled construction work.

Here’re reasons to choose us for your residential or commercial renovation (or construction) projects:


  • We offer exceptional customer service to satisfy the needs of our customers and build long-lasting relationships within the industry.
  • We offer high-quality renovation and construction work with great superiority and excellence to meet the needs of each client. This wins us to repeat business all the time.
  • We have a team of highly skilled engineers and designers to ensure that each project is done and completed based on high-quality standards to satisfy the needs of our customers.
  • We enjoy mutually beneficial relationships with other top companies in the local industry.
  • Our construction company is OSHA compliant to offer superior construction services to our clients – we’ve developed a Jobsite program for the safety and health of our workers who’re also well-trained on relevant matters.